Transparent and clear

Who is flying, where and for how long? Our RILE Organizer helps manage and book journeys and accommodation for your employees in a transparent and clearly understandable fashion.

Participant management

RILE Logistics Consulting & Services GmbH

Managing large groups of participants is very time and resource-intensive. We will help you automate and streamline this process. You can use our RILE Organizer to manage even large travel groups easily and coordinate them flexibly – from wherever you are! Our tool also helps you to react quickly in the event of travel warnings, for instance with alternative bookings.

Provision of a booking portal

RILE Logistics Consulting & Services GmbH

We can provide a booking portal of your choice for planning and booking your journeys. Our RILE Organizer has an interface to insurance companies or even computer reservation systems such as Amadeus. These systems provide you with information in real time about prices, availabilities and booking accommodation or transport. Personal E-tickets are generated automatically for your employees for the IATA-licenced booking and are sent to the respective participants.

The travel documents for each traveller can be called up at any time in the RILE Organizer.