Travel coordination

Mastering challenges successfully

Travelling to another country often brings with it new challenges; unusual climatic conditions, other customs, mandatory visas and lots more. We will help you keep an eye on your visas and travel risks! We always keep an eye on the important things thanks to the helpful checklists in the RILE Organizer.

Travel risk management

Travelling safely! There are a wide range of risks associated with travelling: Accidents or strikes on arrival, stolen luggage on arrival, and illness, natural disasters or even political unrest at the destination necessitate fast action.

Our travel risk management issues newsletters to inform you in detail about the destination and infrastructure, national customs and also cultural peculiarities. Your travellers can access travel information and confirm receipt of this information via the RILE Organizer before travelling.

In a worst case, your travellers must be localised, contacted and assisted as quickly as possible - our emergency number is available 24/7 to help you.

RILE Logistics Consulting & Services GmbH

Ultimately, you profit from our many years of experience: Our recommendations will help you make the right decisions and reduce follow-up costs – for the safety of your employees!

Visa service

RILE Logistics Consulting & Services GmbH

Work visas, visitor visas and residence permits are complex topics that are too important to neglect. We will take care of the applications and checking necessities at any early stage. Thanks to our global network, we have contacts across the world as far as the local contact person for the invitation letter is concerned.